About Us

"Commitment to service and delivery of all projects to the entire satisfaction of the Client"


T.A. Tompson have worked for a selective number of 'Blue-Chip' Clients over a period of 40 years, which has been achieved as a recognition by their Clients of the standard and quality of the service consistently provided.

The Company undertakes to establish by negotiation, the individual specific requirements of each Client and will render a standard of service which will satisfy the particular needs of each Client.  The Company will also provide a personal service of the best quality, at a competitive cost.


T.A. Tompson's engineers are members of all relevant professional organisations.




TA Tompson Consulting Engineers is formed by Tom Tompson.



Tom Tompson published "A Guide to Sanitary Services" which incorporated the full range of Building Services; Water Services, Gas, Electrical, etc.  The book was well received by the Building Services Community and was subject to several reprints.  The book was circulated worldwide and is still held in  libraries in Canada, USA, Asia, Australia and the United Kingdom.



The practice was expanding rapidly during this period, which was related to a prolific period of development in Office Buildings and Retail Parks.  During this period the miners strike, the three day week and the de-valuation caused the pratice to struggle along, as did many others.  However, during this period, the practice remained stabilised as a direct result of the loyalty of their clientele.



This period of our development was difficult as the country was constantly in turmoil, as a result of labour disputes and changes of government.  Work ebbed and waned, but again the practice was able to expand our clientele and managed to meet their commitments and deliver the standard of service which our clients came to expect and require of T.A. Tompson.



This was a period of considerable expansion mainly due to our good fortune to have secured patronage of retail and government contracts, which still remain with us today.  T.A. Tompson purchased the freehold of newly built offices in 1989, which was the cumulation of a very good period in the construction industry.



The practice again entered a period of consolidation and with the support of loyal clients, managed to sustain their workforce and deliver on their commitments to their clients.


The early period of the 1990's was again a difficult time for the country.  The construction industry, in particular, was adversely affected as a result and the impact on the economy related to the withdrawal of sterling from the European Exchange Mechanism.  This caused a recession which lasted from 1990-1994, with inflation out of control, interest rates of 15% and 3 million unemployed.


2001 TO DATE

The advent of the Millenium was met with great expectations by the whole world, it was an exiting time and prospects were good.   However, the onset of the recession in 2008 has had a significant impact which still lingers and is serverly affecting the prospects of all companies operating in the construction industry.


However, T.A. Tompson are still gainfully employed in many sectors of the Building Services Industry, and deliver the same quality and standard of service consistently to the same clientele as they have done for the past 40 years, and with their continued loyality we will be serving them for a further 40 years.


The Partners acquired the freehold on new office premises, located in Surrey, providing greater scope to accomodate planned expansion of the Company.