T.A. Tompson have worked on a diverse range of projects, incorporating the following:

Public Sector

Magistrates Courts and County Court Buildings

Prisons                                   Government Offices

Palaces                                   Museums

Police Stations                         Libraries

Fire Stations                            Schools & Colleges

Council Offices                         Council Housing


Project Example: HMP South - Water and Drainage Infrastructure Replacement

  Horse Guards Parade          Prison Cell Block             Crossways Academy

Commercial Sector

Town Centre Developments        Factories

Computer Suites                        Office Blocks

Business Parks

Industrial and Warehousing         Hotels

Veterinary Centres                     Laboratories

Laundries                                   Farms

Infrastructure Services to Major Developments

Water and Sewage Treatment Works


Project Example: Woking Borough Council Offices

  Foster Road Industrial Park   Kempston House     Bishop's Avenue, London

Retail Sector

Retail Parks                               Superstores

Retail Units


Project Example: Didcot Retail Park

   East Filton Retail Park     Plymouth Superstore      Telford Forge Retail Park

Medical Sector

Hospitals                                  Nursing Homes

Hospices                                  Medical Schools

Day Care Centres                    Social Service Centres


  Queen Elizabeth Care Home            Russell House Care Home

Specialist Sectors

Theatres                                  Chapels

Commercial Kitchens                 Energy Centres

Football Stadium                        Society Buildings

Accomodation to North Sea Oil Rigs

Laboratories and Research Establishments


     Dulwich Football Stadium         La Retraite Convent            Painters Hall